September 10, 2018


When I was a little girl, I used to have visions of me speaking in front of stadiums of people.

Fast forward to today, I still do.

I used to assume that everyone had those visions. LOLOL *hello Amanda, public speaking is in the top three fears of most humans* and because of that I would frequently discount it.

When I wasn’t discounting it, I was stuck doing NOTHING because my vision was SO grand I had NO FREAKING CLUE where to begin. None. I knew I was meant to help change the world in a big, big way. I knew it in my gut. I knew I was meant to speak to millions. Aaaaaaand, I had no idea WHAT I would SAY to those millions 😂

So I did nothing. And I said nothing. And I told myself it was because I knew it would all “divinely unfold”

Which resulted iiiin: NOTHING.

Until the day that I decided I didn’t need to know what I would say to the millions, and I didn’t have to know how to get to them. I just had to know what I would say to the one person I met who needed help I could offer today. I started asking, what do I have to say TODAY? How can I help TODAY? WHO can I help TODAY?

Is it as sexy as stadiums. Hell ya it is. Why? Because its HAPPENING.

One day I will speak in stadiums, of that I have no doubt. But I no longer worry about that. Now I worry about what I’m here to do today. This week. This year. Who I’m here to help right now.

That’s how this vision will unfold in divine timing. Because I’ll have been putting one foot in front of the other taking the steps I know I need to take in the now.

I started before I knew my “life’s purpose”.

If you’re waiting to start serving people *and making money doing it* until you “know your life’s purpose” I’ve got good news for you! You can start right now because your life’s purpose is a whole entire freaking life’s journey!!!! It’s gonna grow and change and evolve. ANd that can only happen if you start!

Right now.

Like, literally right. Now.

Go do ONE thing right now to take ONE step forward! And tell us in the comments below what you’re doing so we can all cheer you on!

One step is way sexier than the whole path. Just try me!


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