November 12, 2021

There's a Trick to Coding Your Life

There’s a trick to coding your dreams into reality, and it lies in the difference between desire and expectation.

It’s easy to get confused when it comes to talking about “non-attachment” often because letting go of attachment gets interchanged with letting go of having desires all together. Expectation occurs when we attach a should to our desire. Instead of “I want ________.” It becomes “________ should happen.” Or “I should have _________”

Expectation is actually just a shield of self-protective control. It is a shield from the vulnerability that naturally comes with owning our desires. The reason we want to let go of this is not because expectation is inherently wrong. We want to let go of the should because it actually dilutes the creative power of our desire.

Desire is a creative force. The more clearly and cleanly you can own your desire, the more freely that force is able to move, the more magnetic you become and the more easily your world responds and restructures around it. It’s like code.

We are coding our reality everyday. So, when you dilute your desire with control (which is really just fear that it’s not going to happen) you are coding your reality with “X is not happening” rather than “X is what I want to happen”

Now, here’s the thing. Fear is natural, just because you feel fear doesn’t mean you’ll never get what you want. What makes it more challenging to get what you want is protecting yourself from FEELING the fear by slipping into control (and turning your desires into shoulds) .

The quickest path to coding the reality you crave into the reality you’re living is this:

1. Uncover and own your desire

2. Acknowledge how vulnerable and scary it may feel

3. Clean out the parts of you that don’t believe it’s possible

4. Take inspired action *from the place of cleaned up thoughts and energy so the action is effective*

5. Repeat

Want to supercharge your ability to create what you want?

Step into vulnerable, powerful ownership of your desire, follow the above sequence and watch the magic happen!

September 10, 2018

The Reason Just "Letting things Unfold" is Total Sh*%

When I was a little girl, I used to have visions of me speaking in front of stadiums of people.

Fast forward to today, I still do.

I used to assume that everyone had those visions. LOLOL *hello Amanda, public speaking is in the top three fears of most humans* and because of that I would frequently discount it.

When I wasn’t discounting it, I was stuck doing NOTHING because my vision was SO grand I had NO FREAKING CLUE where to begin. None. I knew I was meant to help change the world in a big, big way. I knew it in my gut. I knew I was meant to speak to millions. Aaaaaaand, I had no idea WHAT I would SAY to those millions 😂

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September 10, 2018

Are You Secretly Addicted to This? I was…

Two and a half years ago I walked into a conference and the leader asked me the most confronting question: “When are you going to get tired of being addicted to your potential?

Eeeeeewwwwwww. Whaaaaat? Me??? Nuh uh!!! I’m just “trusting my path”

…which was code for not taking the steps I needed to ACTUALLY get my gifts into the world and make good money doing it…

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September 10, 2018

It’s Not Okay for You to NOT Have It.

What’s the thing you really want that you keep convincing yourself you’re okay without?

Guess what? That thing is MASSIVELY important. You wouldn’t have the desire for it if it weren’t a fundamental part of your path.

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